Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fright Night -- UF or Horror?

I posted a review of sorts for Fright Night over at Drunk Writer Talk.

In a nutshell. Loved it. In the review I called it a horror movie... but now that we have the genre of Urban Fantasy in fiction, I'm wondering where the genre line lies in movies...

If you've seen Fright Night, is it horror or Urban Fantasy?

Do you think there are true Urban Fantasy movies?

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Zombie Apocalypse Team

There's a meme going around on Facebook right now where you go to your profile and form your Zombie Apocalypse Team from the first seven people listed on your friend list (FB randomly changes this list all the time...)

Mine was just too awesome not to share and comment on, and I couldn't get it all in the 500 characters you're allowed in a FB status update. :)

My Zombie Apocalypse Team:

Sidekick: Lisa McMann (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? Lisa is the sidekick of my wildest dreams. I'd be lucky to be her sidekick. :)

Heavy Weapons: Amanda Coppedge Bosky (AWESOME! She knows about zombies. I've seen her reading the manual! For real! I'm Golden!!!)

The Idiot Who Survives: Kaylin McFarren (She's a tough cookie. And so not an idiot. Glad you survive, Kaylin. :)

Sniper: Kristen Millar (I'm glad I got at least one family member on my team. And my cousin's got good aim, I'll bet. :)

The One Who Loses It: Christine Enta (Oh, this is funny. Sorry Christine. But a chick lit writer is the one who loses it??? Oh, the stereotyping.)

The Brains: Loreth Anne White (and it gets better and better. Loreth writes suspense! LOVE my team. Loreth definitely has the knowledge and brains to save us! YAY!)

First To Die: Megan Crewe (Oh, no!!!!! Megan, I'm sure you'll die saving the rest of my awesome Zombie Apocalypse Team. :)

My Zombie Apocalypse Team rocks! We are going to kick a lot of zombie ass!
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