Thursday, August 31, 2006

Anyone have Katie Couric's photographer's number?

All the press coverage about that doctored photo is cracking me up... But maybe I should be angry. No way would people be so interested if she were a man. In fact, the photo-weight-loss plan wouldn't have happened in the first place.

That said, I'd love to find a photographer who could make me look 20 (40?) pounds lighter in a publicity photo.

Hmmm.... Maybe that should be my main criterion when searching for one.


Sinead M said...


When you get that number, pass it on.

Mel Francis said...

I must be living in a cave cuz I've missed the coverage on her doctored photo. Damn! and I love good gossip!

Oh well. Frankly, i'm of the who gives a damn opinion. hehe. If she's happy with her doctored photo and her publicist is happy with the photo...the it doesn't matter if she looks like a blurry stick figure to me. I love Katie Couric. I just dunno if I'm gonna love her on CBS. I miss her and matt.

Sara Hantz said...

Me too.... I need that photographer

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