Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The most annoying person on the planet.

Does anyone else watch The Amazing Race? I just watched last Sunday's episode on my PVR and it has hit me once again that Mirna is the most annoying woman on the planet.

What does she do that annoys me? Just about everything. I hate how she thinks she'll be better understood in foreign countries if she a) yells or b) speaks with a strange accent or c) both. (Her most common strategy.) I hate how she's always the wimpy one, the one not pulling her weight or whining and yet she constantly blames and complains about her cousin who appears to me to be twice as smart and twice as capable of doing most of the tasks. I hate how both of them have about the shadiest ethics of any team I've ever seen, and yet they seem to think they're such fair players and everyone else does them wrong. Annoying. On my list of people I'd least like to spend even a moment of time with? She'd be pretty high on the list.


Maia said...

I love The Amazing Race, mainly because of the locales--places I'd like to visit one day. I also love the dynamics between supposedly loving couples.

I don't see all the episodes, but I did see the last one when RodnAmber were eliminated. I do think Mirna is irritating, but can we talk about Rob? I study Amber's face when Rob is controlling her every move, looking for first signs that she's realized he's a freak. Nothing. She doesn't get it or else she's hiding it well. I thought she and Rob got some instant karma when they duped Mirna and her cousin. Evil laugh.

Sinead M said...

Wow, did you hit the nail on the head on that one.

She is so annoying.. screechy, loud, constantly critical, but it's her misplaced sense of moral superiority that annoys me more than anyone..

Maureen McGowan said...

Yes, Sinead... that's it for me. Other teams are super competitive and lie. but they don't pretend to be all morally superior.

As annoying and misogynistic as Rob is, at least he seeems to know he's like that and doesn't pretend to be otherwise. I was actually finding Rob and Amber kind of cute this season. Like she's helped him see who he is, a bit and laugh at himself occasionally.

I loved that they lost because of him, though. How could he not have seen that obvoius spelling mistake????

Amy Ruttan said...

I hate Mirna. HATE HER.

She goes a little crazy.

"Amber why did you lie?" etc.,

I hate Rob and Amber to, and I'm glad they are gone, but I won't be sad when Charla and Mirna are eliminated.

I love Oswald and Danny, and Teri and Ian are better this season.

Joanne said...

Maureen, thanks for bringing up this important topic.

I HATE Myrna. She is THE most annoying individual on the race, but I have to say that for most annoying couple, TEAM GUIDO gets my vote.

Impossible factoid - Myrna is a lawyer?!?

Boy would I not want her on retainer.

I liked Rob and Amber and was shocked and sad to see them go. They were real competitors and I loved seeing the other teams so intimadated by them. Obviously they had reason to be, also.

Kimber said...

The most annoying person on the planet?

(Reminds me of Dumb N Dumber's most annoying sound in the world)

Shoot, I thought I had that title. Seems like I have to bump up my annoying quotient some more.

I'll add that to my long list of things to do.

Christine said...

I don't watch this show, but I think she would drive me nuts. Is she still on the show?

Wylie Kinson said...

Oh boy -- I read the title of this post and for a minute there, thought you knew my sister-in-law...

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