Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Can it get any better???

Okay, my favorite show on TV just keeps getting better. Yes, it's So You Think You Can Dance.

Last week, it was pretty sad when Hok got cut and the judges are clearly out to get Kameron now, in revenge for the fact they couldn't get rid of him in the top 20 because he and Lacy were so popular as a couple.

Tonight, when they said everyone was going to do the same routine I wasn't sure how entertaining that would be. The same routine, 10 times... And then Jamie went first and, for me, she's one of the best dancers, so I was worried when I wasn't blown away by her. But wow. A few of the other dancers really did blow me away. And which ones did surprised me, too. Danny was breathtaking. Neil, too. Lauren was amazing and Sara made me tear up. I really hope she lasts. She dances with so much power and feeling. And how cool is it that she's a break dancer?

Okay, done being a dance geek now.

One last note... because I'm watching it right now... A Spanish Viennese Waltz? Who's stupid idea was that? Dominic and Jamie were terrible, but I don't think it was totally their fault. What a stupid routine. Paella and sauerkraut don't mix. Know what I mean?


Eileen said...

I'm still hooked on The Lot. This despite the fact that I think there are a zillion ways they could make it better starting with getting rid of that annoying woman who does the MC bit.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I'm with you Eileen on the host of the lot - yikes!!

But last night's show!! So wonderful and I thought having them all do the same solo was a great idea - I was suprised about who moved me too. Sara is a total workshorse - she's not electric but she's really really competent and I think that's the same with Kameron - competent but not electric. Hok was very electric I would hav eloved to see him do that solo.
I have to change my opinion of Neil. I think he's actually one of my favorites right now. That back flip last night and his solo were killer. Sabra is fantastic and it's too bad Dom had a bad night but I think the next ones to go will be Jamie and Kameron with a slim chance of Sara and Danny - who is amazing - but not a great connection with the world.

Maureen McGowan said...

I wrote that blog while I was still watching the show... and didn't realize that it's all based on votes now. Scary. These popularitly contest things can be so weird. I mean, look at who won last year. He was fun, but was MILES away from being the best dancer in my mind. Now, his sister... I agree with the judges that she's more interesting than he was.

Molly O'Keefe said...

really? I think she's so surface and she kind of creeps me out - not a huge fan

Maureen McGowan said...

She's growing on me... But you're right. She is a bit creepy. What's with that black eyeliner and the spray on tan?

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