Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celluloid Burn out

I really wanted to blog during the festival, but am finding it too hard... Gee. I haven't even been adding the titles to my sidebar list of movies seen in 2008. Quelle slacker.

Rest assured I will post reviews of more films starting next week. Promise. I've seen films ranging from bleak Scottish art films, to a Korean film about getting drunk, to a documentary about Paris Hilton. (and she was sitting across the aisle from me.)

Saw 5 films today. First one started at 9:00 am and I just got home and it's nearly midnight... Have tickets for 6 tomorrow... Ack!

All 5 films were good today. Better day than yesterday... (although at least one yesterday was amazing, too...)

Today's films:

50 Dead Men Walking
The Brothers Bloom
Maman est Chez Le Coiffeur (excellent)
Uncertainty (interesting)
Me and Orson Welles

I'm not sure about Uncertainty (ha!) but I think all of the rest of these had their world premiere at the festival and they are all worth seeing. Wish I could describe why right now.

Again... will blog more about these films, but not now. :-)


Wylie Kinson said...

Jeez, no pressure or anything, but I have been visiting you numerous times per day to see if you've posted your film reviews!!

Hope you're enjoying the festival.
Any Brad sightings?
As for Paris, did you notice her reactions to the audiences reaction to her film? (did that make sense?)

Maureen McGowan said...

No Brad sightings this year. I couldn't get a ticket to the screening of that film with the new policy about screenings at the Elgin this year. (I've complained as have many other long-time festival goers.)

Re Paris...
Sadly I only had a view of the back of her head and the occasional profile. (I was one row behind across the aisle. I was on the aisle, she was about 4 people in on the other side.)

People were polite. There were lots of times I had the urge to laugh at things that were said (by her or others) and I'm sure I wasn't the only one... but no one did. I felt kind of awkward to tell you the truth. Didn't find the film very good or revealing. I don't think I learned anything interesting or new about her.

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