Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cyber friendships

Wow... I really slacked of on finishing my "digression" from the previous post. Thanks to everyone for your kind words about the blog and my blogiversay. I do enjoy blogging when I have something to say. Amazing to have an outlet for some of my rants. But there are days when I think, "Boy, it's been a while since I blogged, I'd better think of something to say." And those days I'm not such a blog fan. Guess I'm realizing it's not really necessary to post every day, though. (Also realizing that these blog posts will be around in perpetuity and that one never knows who'll read them and when... Someone, for example, found my blog while searching google for "Christian Bale's shoe size". Huh? I guess have have blogged both about Christian Bale and shoes more than once... And the day Sinead talked about Dexter on Drunk Writer Talk we had something like a gazillion hits because someone linked us to the Showtime site (which we couldn't even see, because it won't let you from Canada.) But all that, while it does give me pause about some of my rants, hasn't stopped me from blogging.)

Ooops. I think I've just digressed twice while trying to get around to the digression I'd planned to expand on...

So, back to our regularly scheduled digression... My last post got me thinking about how great my blog has been for meeting other writers, or getting to know writers I'd met before better.

I suppose developing a friendship online is a little bizarre and probably should be the subject of a Phd thesis in sociology or psychology, rather than a short blog post. But that said, my experience with a few people I met first online, (Eileen Cook, Maia Caron, Barrie Summy, Misty Simon, Danita Cahill, to name just a few), and then met "in real life", would indicate that if you "get" each other's posts, chances are you'll "get" each other in real life, too.

And then there are people I met in person first, but didn't know well, and feel like I've gotten to know better via our blogs, (Mel Francis, Christine D'Abo, Margaret Moore, Michele Rowen, Nadine Dajani, Diana Peterfreund, Shannon McKelden, Amy Ruttan, Wylie Kinson).

And that doesn't count the people I've met online, feel like I know, but still haven't met in person, like Sara Hantz, and Kristy Kiernan and Mia King and many, many others.

Bottom line? I think you can develop friendships online. I know I have. Have you?


Barrie said...

Absolutely I have. You being one of them. :) When you, Misty and I met for Mexican food, it was the first time I'd tried the cyberfriend-to-real-life-friend crossover. And it worked like a treat!

Wylie Kinson said...

I almost afraid to admit this, but some of my blog-buddies seem closer to me than my real flesh-and-blood friends. I guess because we came together with a common interest - writing, as opposed to simply having children in the same playgroup. I enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and meeting you in person at TRW. Amy and I, though we met first, really hit it off through the blog scene. Ditto with Christine, then Leah, etc...
Thanks for another great digression!

K said...

Oh, sh**.
I didn't make your shout out list.
Blasted hell.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, K

How could I leave you off the list?

But it wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list, just examples... sorry if I offended anyone else by leaving them off the list. :-(

In fact, I left off most of my closet writer friends, because, well, I didn't meet them online. Now that I think of it... I probably know you better "live" than "on-line".

Maureen McGowan said...

Ha! Closet writer friends.

A Freudian slip to be sure.

I meant "closest". But I actually do have a closet writer friend, too... (Who's also a close friend.) She goes by her first name only on-line due to her whole not being "out" as a writer with friends and family thing.

And speaking of that... What's with commenting using an initial, "K". You in a closet, too? LOL.

Christine d'Abo said...

I think you really get to know people online. Mostly because people will say what they really think (sometimes a bad thing). I think it's been a great way for me to get to know everyone and keep in touch since I moved.

And Wylie, I know my online friends just as well if not better than my "in person" friends too. I feel like I can actually talk about writing and not bore everyone!

Kimber said...


A bit sleepy when I posted
(or stoned from paint fumes)
and got my cyber identities mixed up
(K, Kimber, other nasty names I go by).

I really don't know how Superman does it.

That's okay.
I've been left off other lists
(and put on lists
I'd rather not be on).
I'm still one of your biggest fans.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Hi Maureen! I just found your blog. We met at the NEC conference this past March. Cool blog, I'll have to add it to my blog roll! And yes, I've made friends (and dates) through my blog.

Sara Hantz said...

Next year in San Fran...... face to face..... yay!!

Jing said...

hey maureen,

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. i know lots of people visit my blog (more than a few new photography clients who know all about my blog-life when i sign them on) and it's great that you actually left a comment!


Danita Cahill said...

Hey Maureen, thanks for mentioning our cyber/met-in-person friendship on your blog.

I found it when I googled myself (do you ever do that) and my name popped up along with yours. HA!

I remember the moment we met too -- in Reno at nationals when we were both waiting to pitch. I can't speak for you, but I know I was a nervous wreck.

have a blast in Nationals this year!

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