Monday, June 11, 2007

Leaving us wanting more...

Don't stop.

The last line of The Sopranos and expressed through the lyric of the sappy Journey song playing on a jukebox... and then silence through the credits.

Still processing and not 100% sure what I think, but one thing's for certain, this final episode confirmed the makers of this series as masters. The tension that built in that final scene? The fear it generated inside me that, after how things turned out with Tony's "business" problems, he and his entire family were going to be killed? Powerful. Worked on me, anyway.

And how was the tension built? By bringing each family member in one by one. Having the camera notice (as Tony did) every other person who entered. By Meadow struggling to parallel park her car. By how happy and relaxed everyone was...

All this to make us terrified that someone was going to burst in and kill them all.

And then nothing. Black screen. No sound.

Pretty powerful.

Like I said, still processing this episode, and I'm sure some people will have found it a let down to just end things so abruptly after all that tension building, but I'm thinking I really liked the ending. I do know I wouldn't have like it if they'd just killed everyone. And it would have felt like a cop out to me if Tony had simply ended up as the head of the NY family. Too easy. So, I think I like how it ended.

Or at least I can't think of a way of ending it I would have liked better.

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Anonymous said...

To me, it was not powerful at all. It was weak. I have seen more than one person comment they thought their cable had cut out. That tells me the ending did not do what Chase wanted it to do.

I rather would have had him make a decision...kill Tony, kill Tony's family, arrest Tony...anything, rather than this nothing that we got.

I'm also tired of those who are saying how artistic and frickin' brilliant this was. It was a complete cop out.

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