Friday, February 22, 2008

Is Harold Perrineau Lost?

Has anyone else noticed that Harold Perrineau's name has been in the opening credits of every episode of Lost this season to date, but we haven't actually seen him in an episode since, what? The second season? Was the Michael character even in Season 3? I don't think so.

I was so excited to see his name show up in the credits and keep expecting Michael to jump from behind some tree, or to be hidden in the strange, moving cabin, or locked in a cell in the barracks. So far nothing... Is he on the ship???We've had a mention of Walt... But no Michael. And I can't even remember exactly what happened to Michael. Did the others let him leave the island on a boat or something? Can't recall.


Anyone else still loving Lost?

I'm actually typing while watching tonight's episode... I guess this post'll be kinda dumb if he finally appeared tonight. Oh, well.


Kwana said...

I'm not watching because I'm just lost too, but the whole Walt/Michael question still bugs me. It must be on a lot of minds becuse Mel talked about it too today.

Maybe the'll wrap that mystery up soon.

Annette said...

I'm still watching. And I've been wondering the same thing about Michael. As far as I remember, him and Walt left on the boat and that was the last we saw of him.

But that's okay. Seeing Sawyer without his shirt last night makes up for everything!! :-)

Wylie Kinson said...

Love Lost. Still.

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