Monday, March 23, 2009

Casting J.R. Ward's Brothers

Too fun. Not sure about Wentworth Miller as Zsadist. He's so not Zsadist. Must think on who is... Too bad Jackie Earle Haley's not bigger/more gorgeous. He could play a good Zsadist... just doesn't look like him. Jason Lewis is cute enough for Rhage, just think he doesn't have enough range as an actor to do, well, rage.

Laughed out loud (and then drooled) at Taylor Kitsch as Phury. Note to self: Must find that bare-chested photo. Finally... Mark Walhberg as Butch is inspired casting. Inspired.

Okay, who knew there were a bunch of these things? Clearly I'm leading a sheltered life. I like a couple of these choices better... Plus they cast the heroines--I mean Shellans


Marilyn Brant said...

Oh, good Lord, are those guys sexy!

I have several books from this series in my TBR pile and must (very soon, I think :) read them. Or, you know, just stay up late and drool over pictures of these actors...

Amy Ruttan said...

Some of those were good matches.

I didn't like either choice for Zsadist. I picture him more like Vin Diesel, but it's all subjective.

I do love Mark Whalberg cast as Butch though.

Wylie Kinson said...

Hey - that was pretty good - and FUN ;)
too bad the guy picked for Vishous is dead. Yup - Kevin Smith died in a freak accident (falling off a balcony, I think... can't remember the detes) a few years back.
And that Taylor Kitch - wow. Must start watching FNL.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Embarrased that I have given this so much thought but here I go:

Taylor Kitcsh - yes. And yes again. In fact want to read Phury's book again with him in mind.

Mark Whalberg - of course. Perfect.

The second Wrath - can't remember his name but that's a perfect fit. Those eyes and he looks tough.

Wentworth Miller? I think everyone has thier own zsadist and Wentworth Miller isn't mine.

Loved Christian Bale as Thorment, but had to dig Clive too.

Vishous is a tough one -- combined element of Ryan Reynolds - I liked that a lot but you need to add a little something more...okay this has to stop.

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