Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wow. Survivor tonight was the best blindside ***of the audience*** I've ever seen. Those rascally editors/producers.

They sure had me convinced they were getting rid of Coach. Maybe I just wanted to believe it, because I can't STAND Coach. I'd even started another blog post about arrogance never getting you anywhere that I had to delete to start this one after the vote. Crap. Arrogance won.

That guy defines the word arrogant. And ridiculous. And narcissistic. And immature. And misogynistic. And about a dozen other negative words I can't think of right now. (I used up my allotted vocabulary editing today.)

Brendan seemed really nice and I thought he deserved to stay, but again, it's the all about the edit. He did make a huge mistake by not staying loyal to the Exile Island alliance right from the merge. But it seems like this season NO ONE is staying loyal. To anyone. I now think/hope Debbie will win. I used to be rooting for Taj or JT.

I don't think I remember another season where this far in there weren't stronger alliances. Quite honestly, it seemed like Brendan was the only one not totally in it for himself this year. I actually believed him when he said he hoped JT would win.

All I care about is that Coach doesn't win. Get that guy out of there. He makes me crazy and not in a good way. He absolutely encapsulates the personality type I most despise.



Kristen Painter said...

Ugh, I know. Coach needs to go. Don't you just want to smack him every time he opens his mouth? Dragonslayer my butt. He's more like a poopslinger.

Maria Geraci said...

As much as I dislike Coach, you have to admit, he's a great character. I wonder how much of his trash talk is for the cameras? I liked Branden too, but he was wasn't astute enough to pick up what was going on around him. I really like Stephen and JT and I like Erin. As long as Coach and Coach jr. don't win, I'll be happy with anyone else!

Maureen McGowan said...

What kills me is he acts so zen, but the instant someone says anything even vaguely against him, personally, suddenly they are a "cancer in the tribe".

Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed they didn't get rid of Coach - although he is entertaining. It would be rather boring without him. But what a fruitcake!

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