Friday, April 24, 2009

More reasons why 30 Rock rocks

Kenneth going into anaphylactic shock: My real name is Dick Wittman.

Okay, only funny if you watch Mad Men. But if you aren't watching Mad Men, why not??? For the smart people who are into Mad Men, here's my analysis of the first episode of Mad Men.

But back to 30 Rock... I bounced up and down in my chair clapping when Salma Hayek revealed her What the Frak? Battlestar Galactica t-shirt.

Inside jokes on one of my favourite comedies, based on two of my favourite dramas. All they needed was a Tim Riggins reference and my life would've been complete.


Maria Geraci said...

I love 30 Rock (and Mad Men too!) I missed last week's episode due to being at RT, but it's on my DVR. Got to go check it out!

Louisa Edwards said...

My 30 Rock love is only surpassed by my love for Big Bang Theory. Which is really just a thinly veiled love of Sheldon.

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