Friday, July 28, 2006

As a stalker? I suck!

Okay, I did forgo the Nora talk at the PRO retreat this morning in favour of Emily Giffin's talk, (not a hard decision for me) but I totally missed some major stalking opportunities. An aside... the moderator of the presentation called her Emily Griffin 3 or 4 times... Cringe-worthy. Emily was pretty cool about it though.

While I was a total failure in my kidnap-her-for-lunch conspiracy, I did manage to ask the main question I wanted to. In a nutshell, "What was the major thing (other than a really great book) which made SOMETHING BORROWED break out?"

I was simultaneously relieved and disappointed to hear that it probably wasn't anything in her control--other than writing a really great book (a relatively crucial ingredient ). Sounds like it boiled down to her editor's whole-hearted belief in the book, and her editor's ability to make things happen publicity-wise. Man, the kind of thing new authors dream of--and from what I've seen (and read!) it couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving writer than Emily.

But even though I did get the last question of the workshop in and she (I think?) remembered meeting me in Toronto, I didn't talk to her after her presentation. I did hang around a bit... but there were so many people waiting to see her and, well, I went all shy. I didn't find her at the Literacy signing on Wed night, either. My excuses that night were equally pathetic: it was about 400 degrees in the room; and (this part isn't exaggerated) over 500 authors signing. Seriously. Who were all those writers? It was crazy! I hope RWA raised a heck of a lot of money for literacy.

My new friend Nadine Dajani, whose book FASHIONABLY LATE comes out in 2007, was bold, though! She talked to Emily and gave her an ARC. You rock, Nadine! Diana, too. A little authorial bonding. Good job girls!!! I bow to your superior stalking--I mean networking--skills.


Sara Hantz said...

It sounds like you're having such a great time. More pics please.

You won't believe this, but until you mentioned it I didn't ralise there wasn't 'r' in Emily's name. It just goes to show, you see what you want to see.... I'd have put money on it!!

Eileen said...

I was in that session! She totally fell in love with fact you were from Canada! You should have slipped her a card!

Maureen McGowan said...

Eileen! We suck at stalking each other, too. I hope we find each other tomorrow!

Eileen said...

ARGH!!! We missed each other. Curses. Any chance you'll come to the Surrey conference?

Maureen McGowan said...

That conference looks AMAZING. I've heard of it, but had never really checked it out before.

Seriously considering breaking my "no more conferences until I have a book to promote" rule. More of a guideline really ;-) And I have an aunt in Victoria whom I really owe a visit... and a cousin in Vancouver... Really, I should go, shouldn't I!

e-mail me, Eileen!

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