Friday, July 07, 2006

Attention: Contest on Diana Peterfreund's blog!

Diana's Diversions: On the T Minus 12th Day of Secret Society Girl, a Digger gave to me...

The wonderful Diana Peterfreund is holding a contest each of the twelve days leading up to the July 18th release of her debut novel, SECRET SOCIETY GIRL.
I was lucky enough to win an an ARC of this book back in February and let me tell you, it's a great read. Really fun, really smart, really witty, really everything a good book should be.

Go on over and enter her contest -- and buy the book ;-) If you're lucky enough to win one during the contest, too... it will make a nice gift! Or really, who wouldn't want two copies of this book? I mean, what if one gets wet during an initiation ceremony or something?

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