Monday, June 16, 2008

Reversing expectations on the Bachelorette

So, I SWORE I wasn't going to get sucked into the Bachelorette. I didn't particularly like DeAnna when she was on the Bachelor--thought she came off cold, like a robot, and really I do not need any more reality TV in my life.

But, somehow I got sucked in.

I think part of it is DeAnna's pragmatic approach -- the demeanor/approach that pissed me off when she was on the other side of the coin. It totally works when she's making the decisions and she's showing more vulnerability too. And definitely part of me getting hooked was the guys. HATED a few of them, but most of them are cute and bright and all around yummy. And again, except for that aggressive hair-cutting dude, whose name I've blocked from memory (good riddance) the guys get along, and that's fun to watch. And for the most part, I've agreed with who she's turfed off. I've been nodding my head at the end of each night. Sure, I would've kept Paul longer than Sean or haircutting jerk, but whatever.

Then, tonight was a fabulous example of a great reversal of expectations in storytelling. The producers or editors or whoever makes these decisions REALLY had us thinking she'd pick Sean. I mean, they showed pictures of his house and his mom, when the next date is to visit each guys' home. Plus, she said on their date that if she'd been giving out roses on dates that week he'd have gotten one.

Now, Sean's one of the guys I don't like. Never liked him from the first night. Found him icky. Slightly less icky since the other big jerk in the house (since turfed) gave him a much needed haircut, but seriously, this dude is way too into himself and his possessions. Compensating much???

BUT she picked adorable, underdog Jesse instead. I'm smiling. No way will she end up with Jesse, (I don't think... maybe my expectations will reverse, yet again) but way more fun to think of a home date with him than Sean who'd have spent the entire time bragging and posing and kicking blocks of wood to impress her.


Mel Francis said...

I love Jesse. He's going to the finals--mark my words! He won't get chosen, but she really likes him and I am hoping they'll make him the next bachelor. :D

I'm with you on Sean. He's a total douche and that whole tanning/sauna/face cream/momma's boy thing is even a bigger turn off. He does look better with that hair cut though.

This is what I think:
DeAnna is playing it safe. I bet she'll send Graham home next week because she doesn't want to put herself in a vulnerable position like she did with Brad...and get hurt again. I really hate that, because I think her feelings for Graham are really strong. She's very attracted to him. This is why I think she's going to choose Jason in the end. He won't say no and she knows it. I really think that whole Brad thing did a number on her and now she's really not willing to take a chance--even though she says every show that's what she wants. It's funny, her whole face changes when she's with Graham.

I'm curious to see how it plays out. I really think she'll take Jesse and Jason to the finals and then chose Jason. Jeremy is fun, but not the guy for her. She's scared of being hurt by Graham (which tells me she's really got strong feelings for him and is letting her head overrule her heart) and she would never have taken a single father to the final four if she wasn't already thinking he was the guy she was going to choose. Not that I think she doesn't have strong feelings for Jason, cuz I think she does. They have spent an enormous amount of alone time together. I just think he's the least likely to hurt her.

Maureen McGowan said...

I think you may be right. About Jason, for sure. And it is interesting how cautious she's being considering that's what she gets angry at the guys for doing... She is so in love with Graham... but either the producers are doing an excellent job of deflecting our expectations (wouldn't put it past them) or you're right. She'll turf him next. Actually, I think she may turf Jeremy next and take the hunk on the exotic date. That's what I'd do (grin).
The home dates are going to be very interesting.

Eileen said...

What wood kicking doesn't impress you? What does it take woman?

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I think the final two are going to be Jeremy and Jason. I don't see a romantic connection to Jesse. She totally digs Graham but I think his mother's comment that he hasn't had a relationship longer than 4 weeks is going to sink him. I'm rooting for Jason. He's the only one to ask her about her mother, he was comforting to her after the double elimination, and he came to her door to walk her down to the cocktail party. Seriously, if she doesn't pick him, I'm moving to Seattle and standing on his doorstep.

Marilyn Brant said...

I tried to resist this show this season, but I got sucked into it, too. I have a hard time imagining her choosing Jesse in the end, but that Twirell (??) guy needed to be I was pleased with the last episode. Looking forward to those hometown dates and wishing I could see the unedited version of them :).

Kathy said...

I liked Sean before I watched the show that showed him with all of his "stuff." LOL. Too redneck for my taste but he reminded me of my 6th grade BF from Kentucky and I got sucked in. I really thought she was into him after that date at the top of the mountain.

Jesse is cute but I think he'd make a better 6th grade BF than a husband. I'd love to see her shake up her life and move to Colorado, though.

Seattle guy is cute and smart but too boring for my taste.

That leaves Jeremy and Graham and Graham just seems like he's going to break her heart. I hope she finds the right one.

Kwana said...

Fun post. I'm with you on both Jesse and Sean. I think Jesse's days are numbered too.

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