Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight

Okay, I'm going to do another post on this film when I get time and gather my thoughts... but one cool little thing... Cillian Murphy has a cameo right at the beginning of The Dark Knight... If you haven't gone yet, see if you notice him. If you have seen it... Did you notice?

I was kind of expecting him to show up again and when he didn't I started to wonder if I'd made a mistake, but a brief google reveals that in fact I was right. It was him. In one 3-4 second scene.

I need to see Batman Begins again... because I don't remember what happened with the Scarecrow character at the end... So I'm not sure whether Cillian's presence in the scene in The Dark Knight was just a fun little thing for the actor/director or whether it was important to future films in the franchise. Cool, anyway. Oh, has him listed as playing The Scarecrow in The Dark Knight... so I guess it was supposed to be the character. But like I said... 3 or 4 seconds of screen time.

I thought of this right now, because I'm watching an Irish film on DVD called Disco Pigs, staring Cillian. Also, in the book I just finished, the hero has very distinctive eyes and while he looks absolutely nothing like Cillian Murphy... His eye color is similar, I think... This photo doesn't really capture their astounding color...

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