Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What is it about "J" names for romantic heros?

I remember hearing at some writers' workshop I attended that Harlequin romances with heros named Jake sell better than any other books.

Don't quote me on that... but I remember hearing it.

And here I am, watching the Bachelorette and the three final guys are Jesse, Jeremy and Jason. All names that start with "J".

I have also attended workshops that claim names with strong consonants are better for heroic characters... but is "J" really a strong consonant? Sure K is.. But J? I guess so, but certainly not an obviously hard consonant. Especially paired with M's and S's as in Jeremy and Jesse, and Jason.

But J's aside, all I can say is I was chanting "send Jeremy home" over and over.... and then she did. Yay, DeAnna.

Mostly because Jesse is so darn hot in a strange kind of way, and Jason, well, he'd just too sweet. I have a feeling she'll pick Jason right now... but who knows. It would be too cool if she picked Jesse. He's the only guy left where she doesn't open her eyes while kissing him.


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I was happy she let Jeremy go too, and I also noticed how funny it was that they all had names starting with J! I think that in a way Jeremy was too needy, that he expected DeAnna to fill the hole left by his parents death. I was happy when she told him that she didn't want to confuse their bonding with love. Personally, I think Jeremy needs some old fashioned therapy.

I hope she chooses Jason, although I can understand the attraction to Jesse, particularly since she's admitted that Jesse is not normally the type of guy she's attracted too. She went out of her comfort zone with him, but will she stay out for something so important as marriage? Who knows!

Louisa Edwards said...

There are just so many sexy 'J' names for guys! More than any other letter, I think. Not that it's so strong, necessarily, just sexy.

Marilyn Brant said...

I'm married to a "J" so I agree they make good romantic heroes (well...most of the time :).

Jason gets my vote for DeAnna. Looking forward to the finale.

Kwana said...

Oh Maureen. I guess I was the only person in the world pulling for Jeremy. Why does everyone want DeAnna to either have a kid or be cold in the snow I don't get it?

I also don't get allthe J names. Hmmm?

L.A. Mitchell said...

Jesse is SO overdone in novels, but it completely does it for me after reading Hummingbird.

Cindy Procter-King said...

I liked Jeremy and Graeme (sp?) the best, but realized Jeremy is probably too staid for her - he'll always be working for the next few years.

I don't care who she chooses out of Jason and Jesse. I don't see the attraction to Jesse until I see them interacting. Then it's there full bloom.

I'm betting it's Jesse for some reason. Because I think it should be Jason. Except, I don't really get him either.

Glad I'm not the only one who watches the Bachelorette!

I love K and J names. I totally love the letter J and could not tell you why.

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