Monday, June 23, 2008

Agent Chat Live

WHO: Lucienne Diver


WHEN: 12pm EDT, Wednesday, June 25th, 2008


TO CHAT: Follow this link TKA CHAT ROOM, enter a screen name and simply select "log in."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Reversing expectations on the Bachelorette

So, I SWORE I wasn't going to get sucked into the Bachelorette. I didn't particularly like DeAnna when she was on the Bachelor--thought she came off cold, like a robot, and really I do not need any more reality TV in my life.

But, somehow I got sucked in.

I think part of it is DeAnna's pragmatic approach -- the demeanor/approach that pissed me off when she was on the other side of the coin. It totally works when she's making the decisions and she's showing more vulnerability too. And definitely part of me getting hooked was the guys. HATED a few of them, but most of them are cute and bright and all around yummy. And again, except for that aggressive hair-cutting dude, whose name I've blocked from memory (good riddance) the guys get along, and that's fun to watch. And for the most part, I've agreed with who she's turfed off. I've been nodding my head at the end of each night. Sure, I would've kept Paul longer than Sean or haircutting jerk, but whatever.

Then, tonight was a fabulous example of a great reversal of expectations in storytelling. The producers or editors or whoever makes these decisions REALLY had us thinking she'd pick Sean. I mean, they showed pictures of his house and his mom, when the next date is to visit each guys' home. Plus, she said on their date that if she'd been giving out roses on dates that week he'd have gotten one.

Now, Sean's one of the guys I don't like. Never liked him from the first night. Found him icky. Slightly less icky since the other big jerk in the house (since turfed) gave him a much needed haircut, but seriously, this dude is way too into himself and his possessions. Compensating much???

BUT she picked adorable, underdog Jesse instead. I'm smiling. No way will she end up with Jesse, (I don't think... maybe my expectations will reverse, yet again) but way more fun to think of a home date with him than Sean who'd have spent the entire time bragging and posing and kicking blocks of wood to impress her.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sex and the City

I wasn't sure whether I'd like this film. The hype around it was so crazy, not to mention all the faux scandal about the cast fighting. And when the trailers and promo bits for a film, seem to be more about the clothes than the plot... Well, let's just say I worried.

Then my local paper's movie reviewer HATED it. It's the first time I've seen a review in that paper with zero stars. I assume normally movies they hate that much, simply don't get reviews. ZERO STARS.

So, I went in with some trepidation. And I really liked it.

Sure, I can see how a reviewer who wasn't a fan of the show and expected more of a traditional movie structure might have been put off. Instead of having a film-like structure, it was more like watching an entire season (a short season) of episodes back to back... But I think that's why it worked. I mean, to come up with a single storyline big enough for a movie, that involved all four of those characters, would have been super contrived. As it was, each of them got their own little story and they were woven together nicely. Sure, Carrie and Big was the main story, but that in itself wouldn't have been enough. And that story line ended where you thought it would, but took a very circuitous route to get there. All good.

But the main reason I have to give this film my thumbs up is it made me cry. A few times. Okay, maybe five or six. They did a really good job of "the moments". Even some of the smaller ones, like Samantha spoon-feeding Carrie yogurt. Yes. Made me cry. I guess it's because if you watched the TV show you know so much about those characters so some of the small gestures have a lot of deep meaning.

The success of this film (for me, anyway), got me thinking about something my friend Molly always says about the "big scenes", that the readers (audience) are expecting them so you have to deliver and deliver them well.

And this film did that in spades. I don't want to post any spoilers, but if you've seen the film... the scene with the town car and the limo passing on the street and the bouquet of flowers and Big and Charlotte and Carrie!!! WOW. You knew something was coming. You kind of thought it might possibly be one thing... but it wasn't. And they totally delivered on the emotion. I didn't think Kristen Davies had that kind of raw emotion in her. SJP was good, too. And the end of the Miranda/Steve story was well done, too. Could've been so corny. Wasn't. Not for me.

Anyway... This film gets my thumbs up. I love those characters, and their menfolk, and found it a perfectly entertaining evening.

Oh, and a tiny fun thing for writers... There's a scene... not much happening. Carrie's on the phone with someone... can't even remember whom... But she's in a book store and while she's talking, she's taking other books off a front table display and replacing them with her own. :-) Talk about your great accurate details for a character who's an author. LOL

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For those of you deeply concerned about the weather in Toronto and how much I'm sweating... It's cooled off. LOL

For those of you who like a good rant. I blogged on DWT today.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Well, it's June and I think I'm about to turn on my air conditioner. (She types while wiping sweat from her nose.)

I just realized this is the first May since I've lived in my house that I haven't turned it on for at least a few days in May.

It's been cool in Toronto this spring and I've kind of liked it. A lot to be said for leaves on trees and flowers in the garden (well, weeds in the case of my garden) but no excessive heat.

I've been sleeping with the window open and enjoying the chilly night air for at least 2 months... But no more. Today it's hot. Really hot.

Summer's here. Damn. Personally? I'd take year round spring.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I was going to title this post "over commitment" and then realized, right now, I should really be committed.

Many of you know I'm coordinating my local RWA chapter's writing contest this year, and so far, we've received 152 entries, and I'm expecting more to roll in over the week as they had to be postmarked by last Saturday.

Each of these need to be judged by 3 judges, so allocating over 450 score sheets to judges is, shall we say, a nightmare. (If anyone out there reading this is willing to help judge, let me know. :-) I have almost enough judges... but a few are having to take on more entries than I'd like.)

And what arrives in my e-mail today? (after 6 arrived in my postal mailbox) A contest entry. Ah, I think. Disqualified. The e-mail entries had to be in by midnight on Saturday.

BUT NO!!! I freaking volunteered to be the coordinator for one of the categories for the Golden Pen contest, too, and they're starting to roll in. AND, I'm the coordinator for one category for the Stiletto contest, too.


(Send the men with the straight jacket now, please.)
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