Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jane (and James)

Is anyone else excited about the soon-to-open movie Becoming Jane? I'm not sure what I think of Anne Hathaway (thought she was the only, but serious, weak link in Brokeback Mountain) but James McAvoy is an actor I really like. And the movie looks, well, romantic and sweet.

I'd seen McAvoy in a couple of films (including the Narnia one) without really noticing him... But then at last year's film festival I saw him in no less than three films. They were calling him the "it boy" of last year's TIFF. And it was just coincidence that I selected all three films he was in. This year, he's in one that I know of -- an adaptation of Ian McEwan's Atonement. LOVED that book. Hope I can get a ticket to the movie.

Anyway, back to James (we're on a first name basis, since I saw him in 3 films in a week) and last year's festival. Two were wonderful, and he was wonderful in them. In particular, The Last King of Scotland. Forest Whitaker deservedly got a huge amount of attention for his performance in that movie, but I think people overlooked McAvoy's character -- the narrator and core of the film, as a result. His performance was riveting and held the movie together.
The other lovely film was Starter for Ten. Very different film, and not groundbreaking, but kind of a combination coming of age/romance story that I found entertaining, but it didn't do much at the box office. (At least it wasn't open for long in Toronto.)

The third was Penelope, which I still don't think has been released (and for good reason in my opinion.) I really wanted to love this movie. Loved the premise. Loved the first half. But just didn't work. Now, watch. It'll be released later this year and do really well, proving my taste isn't everyone's. LOL) Update: I just checked and they list the US release date for Penelope as August 17, 2007. I actually blogged about why Penelope didn't work for me last year on Drunk Writer Talk.

All that to say... looking forward to this Jane Austen bio pic. Anyone else?


Sinead M said...

Not sure what to think of the Jane Austen movie. Being that P&P is my fav book, I'm a little wierded out that they are making a fictional movie about her life.
But Atonement, that I'm excited to see, loved, loved, loved that book. Definitely in my top ten of all time.

Christine d'Abo said...

I think I want to see it, but I'm not sure if I'll hit the theatre for it. I'm not going looking for a true story, but more fore the entertainment "what if" factor.

Marilyn Brant said...

Well, yes...I want to see Becoming Jane (since I do suffer from that Austen obsession and all :), but I'll admit to being really nervous about what they're going to do with it.

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