Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Negligent blogger

I'm not sure how you writers who are mothers do it. I've had my 9-year-old niece with me for the past week and barely looked at my e-mails never mind doing blog posts or anything resembling actual writing. Didn't even do any reading.

Okay, so when my niece is in her normal habitat, at home, she's got her toys and her friends and stuff like that, and when she's at "Camp Auntie Maureen" there are supposed to be tons-o-fun activities all of which involve Auntie Maureen's participation, so it was pretty much non stop from the time we woke up until we fell asleep next to each other each night... So, I know it's not like simulated motherhood... but still... Wow. No time to do anything but deal with her this past week.

Not that I'm complaining. We had a great time and I hope to get back into the blogging swim of things soon. I owe Sara Hantz a guest blog... must do that! And I didn't post on DWT last week either.

Boy, am I a slacker or what?


Sara Hantz said...

I'd be slacking too if I was in charge of "Camp Auntie Maureen"!!!! Btw, do you hire yourself out for birthday parties?????

Alli said...

Maureen, you're no slacker - believe me, it takes a while to work out how to juggle being a mum and finding time to write - it's certainly impossible to work it out in less than a week!
It is amazing how you can max out your time when you only have 30 minutes to write here and there when there's a toddler hanging off your pants leg!
So.... how much do you charge an hour for Camp Auntie Maureen??!! It sounds like a fun place to be!

Eileen said...

Children make me tired. It's like being strapped into a roller coaster for days.

Wylie Kinson said...

Can I send my kids to Camp Auntie Maureen, cause it sounds like great fun. Actually, I'll come myself and leave my kids at home!

If you'd really like to know what motherhood & writing is about, I just posted about that at the Six Degrees of Sexy site.
Sorry I can't link - I've no idea how too - but it's

Barrie said...

We're super women.

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